Transform your life with acceptance and gratitude        


As humans our thoughts continually gravitate to resolutions for change—indeed, it can be said, 'the unconscious mind’s job is to continually seek ways to evolve emotionally and spiritually.'

This continual seeking to evolve emotionally and spiritually comes to us through our daily musings, yearnings, speculations, daydreams and nighttime dreams. In fact, our nighttime dreams is the unconscious mind’s way of giving us information—factually and symbolically.

If you tap into and understand the gifts of this genuine, heart-felt information with gratitude and acceptance, you can bring into your life the changes your unconscious mind intended. With gratitude and acceptance you can see how those gifts could easily translate into abundance in all areas—health, happiness, love and success.

Examine your life as it is now.

• How much energy do you put into worry, fear, guilt, shame, humiliation, lament or regret?

• How much energy do you put into listening to your higher self (unconscious)?

As you focus on problems, you expand them and, therefore, you remain where you are, or even worsen your circumstance. Metaphysically, it is a Universal Law that what you focus on is what you create.

Whatever you focus on grows, regardless of whether that focus is positive or negative. The Universe remains neutral; it can only bring to you that into which you put your energy and attention on. This is referred to as the Law of Attraction—an immutable Universal Law.

Accepting your life wherever you find yourself, you can feel gratitude for everything you have. If you have such an acceptance attitude; how would your life change?

Acceptance is the beginning, the starting point for creating a different outcome. Acceptance of what is, allows you to take responsibility for your circumstances. Once you have accepted responsibility you are empowered to make the necessary changes to change your circumstance. If you are unwilling to accept what is, that leads you to blame something or someone else, thus you are powerless to change it. You can not change something you do not take responsibility for. I realize that is a tall order and flies in the face of everything you believe to be true.

My question to you is: Has everything you believed to be true created what you desire? If not, then maybe it is time to evaluate what you believe and make some changes.

Some people believe that acceptance puts them in the position of resignation to a life they will be stuck with. Paradoxically, what you resist is what you get. Note the definition of the Law of Attraction above.

If you are not struggling against something—judging, criticizing and complaining—you are no longer focused upon it. This allows you the freedom to examine your life without emotional attachment, and recognize that what you have been creating no longer works. Only then can you set new goals, make new choices and think new thoughts.

Every night, before going to sleep, call to mind all the things in your life which bring a feeling of gratitude. Start with the basics, such as: shelter, food and clothing. The basics are what we take for granted; however, you have worked to give these to yourself. Give yourself acknowledgement and gratitude for being willing to do the work to give it to yourself. Allow the feelings of gratitude swell within you.

Then move to other blessings in your life, and allow yourself to fall asleep in that peaceful feeling of safety and comfort. You might even decide to write these items in a ‘gratitude’ notebook for future reference and as a wonderful reminder when you need one.

During the day, any time a negative thought comes into your mind, or a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness enters, replace it with thoughts of gratitude. Take a deep, conscious breath and do an about-face, turning away from the negative thinking as you point yourself in the direction of gratitude. Avoid allowing yourself to dwell on negatives or problems. Shift your energy into feeling comfort and peace. Think about what you want to think, feel, have and be.

Do this without fail for 30 days with the intention of changing your life. Be committed, consistent and persistent with the process. You will be amazed at the positive results!

It is foolhardy to take the importance of acceptance and gratitude lightly. If you realize that the life you have created is your responsibility, then you owe it to yourself to examine what you have been doing, or not doing, that serves you. People tend to take many things for granted, forgetting that you can, at any moment, change what you experience.

It is time to start acknowledging your role in writing the script of your life. There is no time like the present to practice awareness at each and every moment. The now moment is all we truly have, so make the most of it. Cultivate the practice of acceptance and gratitude, and transform your life with acceptance and gratitude one moment at a time.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally acclaimed healer,  author, certified hypnotherapist, regressionist, motivational speaker and dynamic workshop facilitator. Dr. Dorothy's ground-breaking program, Create Your Dynamic Future, was one of the first programs to shift the paradigm of mind, body, spirit healing and total health.


Changing your life to allow more positivity is essential to becoming a fully developed person. The ideas expressed by Dorothy Neddermeyer can be put to good use in all sorts of creative ways. Imagining yourself as the characters that inhabit your dreams and daily musings can help you gain a better understanding of your primal self. Try picking up some Halloween costumes of some of the archetypal entities that come to you in dreams and bring them to light consciously by becoming them for a brief period of time. If nothing else, it’s liberating and fun to temporarily transform yourself into an animal, monster, witch or devil to express the fullness of your ever expanding being. Have fun!



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