Kala Sarpa Yoga in Pakistan's horoscope



All planets are hemmed in between the Nodes in Pak’s horoscope. This is not good, as it can unleash forces detrimental to Pak.

External and internal threats are indicated by Kala Sarpa Yoga. Clinging to blind ideologies, not bothering what the international community is thinking about Pak, all these can damage Pak.

Dogmatism is not good. There are no idolators, there are no disbelievers, there is no Jihad, there are no good people and bad people. Man is a composite creature and Good and Evil are in all men. All are human beings, not Hindus, Christians, Muslims or Jews. The Lord the God is One. We are all brothers and sisters, created by the One God. Love, as the Divine Attribute, is present in all human beings ! God, in His Timeless Eternity, uttered Himself as Love in all created beings, themselves capable of loving !

It is time Pak understood that it is more or less isolated. Gilani says we are not isolated, as China is with us. China will not support Pak when it comes to terrorism. No nation on earth will. You cannot simply go against the international community. There is a World Government in place, the UN. There is an International Criminal Court as well. The perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage should be tried before the I C C. Let Justice be done !

K S Y indicates that Pakistan is going through a critical phase, the most dangerous phase in its history. K S Y means that it has problems perennial. If Pak does not take the opinion of the international community and still believes in a Conspiracy Theory, then God save Pak !

With the Indian government talking tough, the chances of war has only increased.

Pak has just ignored the proof given by India about 26/11 and says that it is not enough proof !

Pak believes in the Conspiracy Theory that her enemies were behind the carnage. But Pak should know that outside Pak, nobody believes in the Conspiracy Theory.

Pakis are wondering why China did not veto banning the JuD ! China may not support Pak when it deals with terrorism !

Astrologically this is a bad time, with Jove and Venus weak. Our prayers are that the tension should not end in war !

Khuda Muhabbath hai - Love is God. Ishwar Prem Hai - Love is God!

We call upon all Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus to follow Love. War is not a solution !

We have been told to love our neighbors. Also our enemies.

The enemy is like you. He is a man with head, heart and conscience. He may be politically against you, but he is like you. Only political differences separate you from him.

If you say the enemy is base, he will retort that you are base. The solution is Love. Fight him and he will fight you. Love him and he will love you.

We call upon India, Pak to exercise Patience and not go to war. War means destruction. All will be losers !

This is the time to exercise prudence and restraint. Jupiter is in his state of deep depression and Venus, the planet of Love is weak.

Love is Expansion; Hatred is Contraction
Love is Life; Hatred is death.
Love is Positive; Hatred is Negative.

The greatest positive quality in the human bosom is Love !