The Human Aura
a jewel in a glowing ambience Every living thing is set like a jewel in a glowing ambience. This luminous atmosphere may be seen by the clear-sighted...

The cycles of astrology are reflected in our daily lives, as well as informing the patterns of our human creativity, whether artistic or musical, social, political or financial. Like it or not, the planets rule our moods and our environment.

Our bodies are more complex than we can perceive with our five senses, for science joins occult metaphysics in declaring that the physical body is not a continuous solid, but is basically composed of particles and waves of energies. Matter in general (and our bodies in particular) is therefore essentially a construction of our senses: it is really the interaction of patterns of energy, vibrating at interwoven frequencies and intensities.

From this vibratory matrix emerges an energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical forms. This field has long been perceived by sensitive people, though generally scoffed at by skeptics. However, the human energy field is now being photographed (in part at least) by new techniques such as Kirlian photography.

In traditional Christian art, pictures of Jesus and of the various saints are often painted with a halo of light around the head, or even the whole body. In eastern religions, too, revered beings such as Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Durga and others are usually depicted as possessing, or emanating, a splendour of glorious light. Light is presented in these illustrations as the prime characteristic of advanced or highly developed souls. This halo is not just a convention, but a stylised, pictorial representation of powerful personal energy fields the spiritual light of the aura.

Research has shown that our bodies are more complex than we have come to believe. Our physical body is permeated by and is composed of particles and waves of energies that are invisible to the unaided eye. Scientists and mathematicians note that the appearance of our bodies and of material things in general is essentially a construction of our senses: it is really the interaction of patterns of energy, vibrating at interwoven frequencies and intensities. New Page 2

A Luminous Atmosphere
Tantric Masters from the East and mystics from the West also note that a luminous atmosphere surrounds human beings and indeed all living things. This atmosphere is the visible expansion of the aura, the energy fields that interpenetrate, express and permeate both our gross and subtle realities.

These essential energy fields are divided by various schools into categories; for example, Rosicrucians speak of the vital body, the desire body and so on. Occultists and theosophists refer to the seven mystical sheaths the physical, flesh and blood body; the etheric, or energy body; the astral, or emotional body; the lower mental body; the higher mental body; the spiritual body and even the cosmic body! The terminologies differ, but the phenomenon, the thing which is observed, is the same.

The varying terminologies, unfortunately, can be confusing, even misleading, for our everyday language fails to describe many things that lie outside the daily experience. It is the nature of language to define and categorise experience, so that it may be communicated in some accessible, symbolic form. Perhaps we need to expand the language to cover these little-known areas of life.

To call the energy fields "bodies" tends to give the impression that they are discrete and separate, like layers on a cake. Actually, they are mutually interpenetrating and each level of being may be distinguished from the other levels by its frequency, or rate of vibration. The slower the rate of its vibration, the more readily it may be distinguished by our senses.

As will be outlined in later sections of this article, there are several auras or bodies that surround the dear old bod, not just one. The School calls these auras Levels of Consciousness.

As this article unfolds, we will examine the various Levels of Consciousness and their functions, significance and modes of action. We will also look at ways of awakening our awareness of these levels and the subtle organs, such as chakras, meridiens and life centres that can be perceived within them.

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