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Gold Astrology ? Is it possible ? Why not ?

Like Stock Market Astrology, Forex Astrology & Astro-Lottology, Astrology
can be used in the Gold Market.

Gold Astrology is based on the principle that  all markets are cyclical
.There are booms & busts in every market. The Resistance Level &  Support
Levels of  Technical Analysis are prevalent also in Gold Market.

The Recession which the world is facing now is the result of the World
Economy extending itself. Prices of Realty skyrocketed in New York, Tokyo
and Bombay. The Stock Markets hit the Zenith with Dow rising to 11 K and the
Sensex to 21 K !. The World Economic Boom had to be followed by a World
Recession, as a boom means that the Economy has extended itself and a
Recession becomes due in order to restore it to its original balance !

So Recession was inevitable. The Subprime Crisis was a consequence of the
economy extending itself. People bought Real Estate like mad, with the
result all cash was converted into kind, into shares and bonds and real
estate. People forgot the principle " Cash is King ".

However, the silver lining is that Gold is the only market which has
withstood the onslaught.

Gold, which was $682 ( which can be taken of as its Support Level ) had now
risen to $990 !. A gain of more than 300 dollars per ounce.

Jupiterian  Cycles Related to Gold Cycles

Jupiter rules Gold ( Gurum Kachana Sannibham ). Based on the transits of
Jupiter, Gold's boom and recession can be predicted

Astrologically, Jupiter is now in a state of deep debilitation. From now on
Jupiter will increase its potent strength. In Aquarius he will be powerful.
All this indicates that the Gold Market is cyclical, like all other
markets, and can be taken advantage of !

Let us do the Technical Analysis of Gold and we find that the bottom is
$682, which it was six months back.

From his deep debilitation point, Jupiter will be growing in strength from
now on. Which means Gold is the best market now, when almost all markets are
in recession.

The Gold Cycle can be taken advantage of.  $1000 was the Resistance
level of Gold & in few years we will find that Gold will break that barrier.
Some experts feel that Gold may reach even $1300 in a few years !

Rising bottoms in Technical Analysis means that the Impulse Phase of Gold
is Bullish. There can be Corrective Phases.  A Corrective Phase is an
Anti-Trend. They are natural in all markets, stock, realty and forex. Gold
can be bought at declines.

Gold coins are the best investment now. 31.1 gms ( an ounce ) coin is the
best. 8 gms and 4 gms of coins can be purchased at declines and sold at
boomtime. I purchased Gold Coins for Rs 1210 and sold it off at Rs 1295, a
gain of Rs 85 per gm. I sold it a bit earlier, but then it is difficult to
get the top & bottom of any commodity. Other metals like Silver & Platinum
can be bought  & the best market now is the Precious Metals Market !