It may sound simple when you hear someone say;
All you need to do is to let go and forgive

But this is not always an easy thing to do and many need help in getting to that stage. It can be a long journey for some and it does take courage and a desire to change your life.

But you don't go on this journey alone.

Your Spirit Guides, Helpers and Angels are always ready to lend a hand.

The healing process goes in phases.

In the early phase we are working on helping the body and mind to slowly release blockages, removing negative energy. As the healing progresses and the body releases more, we begin work on replacing old patterns and beliefs and finally we work on the forgiveness process.

This doesn't necessarily all happen in the same healing session. Follow up sessions may be required.

Everyone releases negative energy at their own pace, when they are ready to do so. This is not always a conscious decision, as the healing works at a deeper level within the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies and down at the cellular level.

As the body receives the healing energies and fear starts to fade (light replacing dark),

so it is ready to let go.
We are building an inner strength, bringing the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects together.


This is usually the first step in a person feeling more integrated and whole.


When a client comes to see me, I start by scanning the chakras
(energy centres ) to help determine what type of energies and emotions are trapped in these areas and what lies underneath.

I may be shown various scenes in the person's life, which may go back to childhood and which can be the cause of the negative programming and beliefs. Or I may use a guided meditation to help uncover issues. Often a person's Guides and loved ones in spirit will come through to assist in the healing and to make themselves known. Many channelled messages are received from Guides or Universal Beings. One client had a beautiful dog in spirit who came through at every healing wanting to know what was going on and to say that it was okay that a new puppy was now living in her old home.


The removal of the negative energy or emotion occurs at the pace each person allows. I will not force any thought or belief from the body if the person is not ready to release it.
In these situations where someone wants to get rid of a belief but is too afraid to do so, we work around the issue by slowly loosening the fear
that is causing the belief or emotion to be held onto.

I may advise my clients to hold a ceremony or ritual at home, where they can spend some sacred time releasing someone, for example, who has passed on. I may suggest that they write a letter, expressing all the things that they need to, or have never had a chance to say, so that they can start to heal their heart. I emphasise that this should always be done in love and with the utmost respect for themselves and the other person.

Many have found this to be a wonderful uplifting experience and have seen or felt that person around them.


One lady saw her miscarried child appear at the age she would have been had she remained on earth.


I will suggest that they start meditating using simple techniques, if they are not used to meditating regularly and I show them how to build a protective energy around themselves. Everyone needs to protect themselves, but is very important for those going through a transformation to be vigilant and caring of themselves. The meditations help to strengthen the healings. Protection is necessary, especially when someone is going through a transformation they are very sensitive as they are opening themselves up spiritually as well as emotionally and therefore need added protection in order for their emotions to stay balanced and grounded. I also advise keeping a journal to jot down thoughts, feelings and experiences that occur as this can provide additional insight as to what else needs working on when we move onto replacing old belief patterns.


As the healings progress it becomes time to change negative beliefs and old programs and commence the forgiveness process. Clients may need to forgive themselves as well as others. Often, if it is for themselves, they will also need to learn how to love themselves, maybe for the very first time and start to understand what a beautiful spiritual person they really are.


We replace the negative beliefs with positive affirmations, always with words chosen by the person themselves. Emotional hooks (feelings, parts of ourselves, that we leave in others through various experiences), may need to be removed, so that those parts of themselves that my clients have given away can be returned, allowing their own power to build and become stronger. Helping them to start living their truth.


I teach my clients to start looking at the greater picture and to try and see the spiritual aspect of all situations. This way they begin to obtain a greater understanding of themselves and others, and by the very nature of doing this, they also start to have a greater capacity for love of themselves and others. They start to open up.


More light comes in!


When someone is ready to forgive we look at who needs to be forgiven and agree on the words that will be used. During this particular healing, we work together within in the heart chakra , visualising that person surrounded in pink or golden light in a place of my client's choosing and I guide my client through the forgiveness process. I find that this is a very beautiful and sacred time for both of us. It's really wonderful to see people letting go of fear .

Learn to love! Learn to let go! Allow God, The Universal Source, whatever name you use, to bring a piece of his heart into yours !.

May God Bless You!


Article by Sandy Housell, of and is a certified teacher of the Orion/DNA healing, a Ra-Sheeba and Reiki Master. Sandy holds regular workshops on the Gold Coast teaching Orion/DNA, crystal healing

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