Edava Pathi or Kala Varsha ( South West Monsoon )


We find that from the solar transit of Lamda Orionis, Mrigasire Njattuvela  to the Alpha Cancri, Ayilyam Njattvela, , it rains heavily in the 825 km Malabar Coast and the rains continue till the end of the solar transit of  Delta Scorpi, Thrikketta Njattuvela !  In other words, solar transits from Eta Tauri to  Delta Scorpi are wet days on the Malabar Coast with sunny interludes. The rest are all summer months from the Sun's transit of sidereal Sagittarius to Sidereal 15th degree of Taurus. Edava Pathi, the South West Monsoon, the Thula Varsham, the North East Monsoon and the Njattuvelas or Solar transits are the seasons of Kerala !


       Karthika  Njattuvela began on 11/05/2014, Transit of Pleiades 

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The Solar Transit of Pleiades began on 11052014. There is a saying in Malayalam that  " There is no summer after Vishu" ( Vishu Kazhinjal Venal illa ). It rained torrentially on Vishu Day, Apr 15th, in the afternoon and at night and Vishu heralded seasonal change in Kerala. 

We had immense rains last week. It rained heavily on Thursday and there were fears that rains may wreak havoc on Trichur Pooram, which was scheduled on 9th, on Friday. Fortunately it did not rain heavily on Fri and  millions could witness the Pooram, which was defined by UNESCO as one of the most beateous sights in the world.


Kerala normally receives 2500 - 3000 mm rainfall every year and is defined as Tropical Wet by climatologists by Koppen et al. The greenery imparted to Kerala by Nature is due to the great rainfall Kerala receives. Poets, in their imagination, defined Kerala as Pacha Pattudutha Keralam, a beautiful damsel clad in a green silk saree !  

Aquarius is hot and so is Pisces. Kumbha Choodu and Meena Choodu Keralites call them. Of course, there are sporadic summer rains or Venal Mazha, but Aquarius and Pisces are  characterised by blistering heat and lack of major rains. 

Kala Varsha, the South West Monsoon, will start on May 29th. The Half of sidereal Taurus. Last year it started raining on 28th May, one day ahead of schedule ! We thirst for rains, as the land has a parched, desert look, because of the ravages of summer ! 


Yester night, rains lashed Guruvayur. The Sun entered the 13th degree of Sidereal Taurus. Only two more days for Edava Pathi ( Sun at 15 deg Taurus ) It was raining at Trichur in the morning. ( May 27 ). It is raining still at Guruvayur at 0942 AM. 

Rohini Njattuvela, the Solar Transit of Aldebaran started on 25th.


Towards the fag end of Rohini, we had rains, but not sufficient. From tomorrow onwards  ( 08 Jun 14 ), Mrigasira Njattuvela or the  Solar Transit of Meissa will take over.



This is the first of the 4 fierce Njattuvelas. Last time during this phase the Kedarnath Tragedy occurred. Hope there wont be such calamities. Rains are also expected when Sun transits Betelgeuse ( Thiruvathira Njattuvela ) and also during the Solar transit of Beta Geminorum ( Punartham Njattuvela ).