`                                             Destructive Njattuvelas ( Solar Transits )  

                                              ( written on 17/06/2016)


Even though the Monsoons are welcomed because they reduce heat, they have destructive aspects as well. Some of the worst natural disasters - hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, cloudburts et al , occur during the rainy Njattuvelas ! Nature frowns, there are storm surges, rip currents, the clouds sing pessimistic prophecies, oceans become irate, winds become fierce and Nemesis catches erring humanity ! We come to know that we are mere mortals and that the next moment is unknown ! We have to take into account the New Moon and the Full Moon days, as the combined gravitational pulls of these celestial bodies can cause high tides ( Hurricanes Sandy, Erika, Hagupit )! 

Typhoon Hayan occurred on the First Quarter Moon ( when Moon squares the Sun ).  Prof Yaukey averred ( based on the data observed on the Atlantic Ocean from 1950 - 2007 ) that storms are more likely to form after a New Moon and that storms infensified after a New Moon in the 29.5 days of a lunar month ! Four days after New Moon, Ike intensified into a Category 4 Hurricane !

While meteorologists explain hurricanes as the result of variations in temperature and pressure, we explain it as the variations in  the positions of the luminaries, Sun and Moon !

The main causative factors for typhoons in the Pacific, hurricanes in the Atlantic and monsoon disasters in the Indian subcontinent are

Sun's transits of the monsoon constellations
New Moon Days
Full Moon Days
Malefics retrograding

Beware !  When the Sun journeys through the 'monsoon constellations', called the fierce Njattuvelas, which are

Mrigasira  ( Hurricane Christina, Kedarnath Floods )
Aridra  ( Hurricanes Bonnie, Alex, Arthur. Fengshen, Guj Floods, Matmo, Rammsun )
Punarvasu ( Hurricanes Dennis, Blanca, Toronto Floods, Alaskan Mega Tsunami, Nangka, Halong, Haitang, Nepartak )
Pushya ( Hurricanes  Genevieve. Dolly, Pak Floods, Mumbai Floods )
Aslesha ( Typhoons Hanna, Utor, Goni, Saola, Damrey, Sepat )
Magha  ( Hurricanes  Isaac, Andrew, Irene, Katrina, Omar, Erika )
Pooram ( Hurricanes Elena, Ike, Tidal Bore, Fran, Etau, Bolaven )
Uthara  ( Hurricanes Igor, Odile, Vipa, 1938 Hurricane )
Hasta    ( Hurricanes  Opal, Jelawat,  Lili, Jangmi, Joaquin, Parma, Danas, Fitow )
Chithra ( Typhoons Vongfong, Sandy, Wilma )
Swathi  ( Typhoon Fransisco, Rosing  )
Vishakha  ( Typhoons Haiyan, Sidr, Chennai Floods, Agnes, Lupit, Nida )
Anuradha ( Typhoons Yuri, Kate, Bopha )
Jyeshta ( Lake Isabella Floods, Nona, Hagupit )
Moola ( Typhoon Sendong, Indian Tsunami )

Rain fall can be expected in India, particularly Kerala,  from Karthika ( Pleiades or " Rainy Stars" Njattuvela  ( May 11 ) to Moola Njattuvela ( Dec 29 ). 

We find Nature unleashing her fury when the Sun's  Sidereal Zodiacal Longitude is in between 53 and 253 ! 

It may be a coincidence that the Galactic Center at Moola and the Anti Galactic Center at Mrigasira play a great role in Weather Forecasting !  The constellations near the GC ( Moola, Jyeshta and Anuradha ) and those near the A G C ( Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya and Aslesha ) can be very destructive indeed !


Gujarat Floods occurred during Aridra Njattuvela, Kala Varsha.  Aridra ruled by the North Node, Rahu.

Sun's longitude

SUN GEMINI 7:15:16 ARIDRA 1 67 :15 :16

The Bombay Floods occurred during Pushya Njattuvela, Kala Varsha. Pushya ruled by Saturn.

Sun's longitude

SUN CANCER 9:41:10 PUSHYA 2 99 :41 :10

The Kedarnath Floods occured on June 15/16, 2013 and this was the Sun's longitude on that day ! Mriga Sira ruled by Mars.

SUN GEMINI 0:44:38 MRIGASIRA 3 60 :44 :38

Thank the Lord, the Sun is in Gemini, in Mriga Sira 3 at the moment and there are no cyclones, no typhoons, no tornadoes, no landslides or cloudbursts.

The cause of the Kedarnath Tragedy was considered to be a cloud burst at 22000 feet above sea level !

At the moment, in Gvr, greyish clouds are moving from the western skies to the east , but no rains. It rained decently yesternight !

Rains lashed Gvr at 0936 AM for 5 minutes. (16/06/2015).

Sri Aurobindo said " If you stumble, it is good for you to stumble, for only by stumbling does a child learn to walk !". It is no use crying that we have less rains than last year, as such a situation has its positive aspects !

Everthing happens for one's own good !

Kala Varsha brought the Kedarnath Tragedy and Thula Varsha, the Chennai Floods ! Kedarnath floods happened during Mriga Sira Njattuvela and the Chennai floods on Vishakha Njattuvela.

The Sun's longitude on 08112015

SUN LIBRA 21:41:52 VISHAKHA 1 201 :41 :52

Modern Meteorology may say that they are due to depressions in the Indian Ocean or the Bay of Bengal, but why do depressions form only during Kala and Thula Varshas ?

Cloud burst and cyclonic rain can wreak havoc ! Suppose there is a cloud burst near Mullaperiyar ? The threat to Mullaperiyar is from Thula Varsha, as M borders T N ! But threat from Kala Varsha cannot be ruled out ! Other threats are from Earthquakes ( there was an earthquake, 2.9 on the Richter scale near Mullaperiyar and it was declared as a seismic area ), landslides and sabotage !

Now, at 0450 PM, rains have started. I went out to get tea while it was drizzling and the chaivallah told me that it had rained 2.5 hrs continously in Palghat. ( 16/06/2016)

Before the onset of the Kala Varsha, we had prayed " May there be plenty of rains", Kale Varshathu Parjanyaha ! Now let us pray the other way around " Dont let Monsoon bring destruction in its wake", na hi samhara samhara !


Hurricane Wilma occurred during  Chithra Njattuvela. Chithra ruled by Mars

SUN VIRGO 29:44:27 CHITHRA 2 179 :44 :27 




Hurricane Katrina occurred during Magha Njattuvela. Magha is a nodal constellation, ruled by the South Node, Ketu.

Sun's longitude

SUN LEO 6:44:34 MAKAM 3 126 :44 :34

The Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred in Moola Njattuvela. Moola is a nodal constellation ( ruled by the South Node, Ketu ).

Mark Moon in Mriga Sira ! Mark the Sun and Moon Opposition.


SUN SAGITTARIUS 10:38:47 MOOLA 4 250 :38 :47
MOON GEMINI 3:46:57 MRIGASIRA 4 63 :46 :57


Banqiao Dam Disaster occurred during Aslesha Jnattuvela.

SUN       CANCER       19:48:35    ASLESHA        1    109 :48 :35


Sun's Longitude 152, Hurricane Rita ! Uttara Njattuvela.

SUN VIRGO 2:10:58 UTHARA 2 152 :10 :58



Mriga Sira N V unfurled Hurricane Christina.

Solar Longitude

SUN TAURUS 28:22:11 MRIGASIRA 2 58 :22 :11

It is time the physical scientists noted the correspondence between Full Moon and Hurricanes ( Also Hurricane Sandy happened on the Full Moon )