Climate Change, triggered by Global Warming good for Kerala   


Kerala coconut production will increase by 30% and sardines will be more during the South West Monsoon season and mackarels will be more during the months in between October and March !

Libra rains are proving destructive in Kerala. The North East Monsoon starts from early October and ends in December end.

Kerala received 65 cms of rain in 2010, in contrast to the 42 cms received in 2009. This is adverse for Agriculture. Kerala has received the maximum Libra rains this year.

Maximum rains have been reported in Trichur Dist. It is 102% more than the average and Cannanore is the nearest district which has received good amount of rainfall.

The depression formed in the Bay of Bengal, along with whirlwinds are the causes for the intensity of the Libra Monsoon or Thula Varsham, says the Trivandrum Meteorological Dept.

In North Kerala, heavy rains have triggered floods and it has hurt the agricultural sector. More than 15000 acres have been indundated. These rains will hurt mangoes and cashewnut production. Rubber also is adversely affected. Tapping has become difficult due to heavy rains. Floods are creating havoc in Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala. Even in the summer, vegetable production will be affected.

On the positive side, these rains will reduce the intensity of the draught in the coming summer months of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Meteorology may say it is a depression in the Bay of Bengal called La Nina which is responsible for the rains, but to those well versed in Astro Meteorology, it is the Sun's transit of Scorpio and the constellation of Delta Scorpi, which is the cause, as heavy rains lashed Trichur. From 0500 PM it was raining till 1100 PM, when I went to sleep.

According to Meteorology, La Nina is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon of El Nino, as a part of the El Nino Southern Oscillation Climate pattern. La Nina is defined as the dialectial opposite of El Nina !

These depressions happen only during the Monsoon season, when the Sun transits the constellations from Eta Tauri to Alpha Scorpi ! So Astro Meteorology is right !

Why do these depression not happen during the summer season?

Climate Change, triggered by Global Warming, is creating havoc throughout the world. Sea levels rose by 1.8 mms from 1961 to 2003. All snowy mountains are melting. Co2 levels are increasing. Forest fires increased. When hot air creates lightning, forest fires are more. More cyclones and thunderstorms. Extreme climatic patterns are produced. More floods and more draughts than usual.