The Birth Number is the sum of the numbers added. For instance if you are born on the 3rd, your Birth Number is 3 and if you are born on the 21st, again it is 3. (2+1 = 3) .

Effects of Birth Number 7 in Birthdate Numerology 

This number is ruled by the Moon's Descending  Node Ketu. 7 16 25 are ruled by this nodal number.

You will be inclined to Yoga & Philosophy. At  first sight it can be discerned that you are good at heart and  crediworthy. You have got attractive power. Even though you do not  wear colourful dresses you look attractive in light dresses.

You are likely to be tall and you can talk your way to the top. In each & every affair they have a special opinion  of their own.Their opinions may sometimes be controversial. You are  prone to anger & you have to understand that anger is man's worst  enemy. Because of that you may not have a lot of friends. Anger is the worst exhibition of the ego.

You are likely to regard the aim of Life as the  service of Art. Even at young age you may have to suffer the pangs  of poverty. Some sevenians enter politics and become extremists. You will a high rank if you turn your energies to politics. They  become good poets literatuers & artists.You love travel & pleasure  You will highly enthusiastic regarding the acqusition of universal  knowledge.

You crave to become famous and try to indulge  in the adventurous. Most probably they achieve these aims. But you may not have the corresponding financial standard. The sevenians  normally do not become successful in the economic sphere .But women  normally get a good marital life. You are too idealistic & do not  go after power & pelf. The problems of life make them extremists.  Initially they shine in politics but later on move away as modern  day politics is divourced from ethics & morality. Many a crisis will  stare at you in the face. You may have scars & wounds in the body. Even though no loss of limbs or threat to longevity. Even though  they are prone to show off they will follow the principles of economic prudence.

Body Structure

You are likely to be tall with a prosperous face.  You will have a prominent nose. More than physical strength you  will have mental strength.


Disorders of the rectal tract . Diseases of the  stomach also likely. If you incorporate fruits cucumber and onions  in your diet your health will improve considerably. The naturopathic method of cold anema can be highly beneficial.

Marital Life or Relationship Numerology 

Those born under this number normally do not get  a cordially disposed spouse. Even if they get one they do not have  happiness from progeny.

Women born under this number will get husbands who  are far more aristocratic & wealthier than themselves.

Sevenians if they partner Oneians and Twoians they  will get happiness from progeny. But then they may think about divorce at one time or the other.

Lucky Days

7 16 25 are always auspicious. 25 is the luckiest  day. 16 will be mixed conducive to both good & evil. 7 will be  better than 16.

Lucky Days of the Week

2 11 20 29 will bring success. 1 10 19 28 will be favorable.

Lucky Colours

Red is prescribed for you as per the aphorism  Kujavad Ketu.  Ketu resembles Mars . In your sartorial habits   if you select the colors which correspond to your Birth Number  you are likely to benefit a great deal.

In order to tone up the system and to impart  strength these colors will be highly beneficial to you. If you  stay in a room painted with such colors your stay will be marked  by a high degree of satisfaction. You will get good sleep and rest  and when you wake up you will feel a mood of euphoria & a feeling  of benevolence. If you cannot fit these colors onto your dress you can fit it into your kerchief or tie.

Lucky Stones- Ketu is represented by Cat's Eye.


That there exits an interrelationship between  Numbers and Music has been established by the seers. You should select the Music which corresponds to your Birth Number. It will impart strength and inspiration.

Pop Music has been recommended for you. You may  get inspiration and bliss if you listen to that.

Favourable Direction

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South is the direction of Ketu as per the aphorism  Kujavad Ketu - Ketu resembles Mars. As your Birth Number is Five before you start any activity you should take four steps southward & then start it. When you start any new venture or when you take an important decision you should do so facing the south. In  your study room and in your office you should turn the table so that it faces the south. In order to increase intelligence and to  solve problems these measures should be resorted to.

Effect Of Zodiacal Sign

Ketu has been assigned the Zodiacal Sign of Cancer ( From 21 June to 20 Jul). If Ketu is posited in debilitation sign you may have to face tremendous adversity.


Palasa pushpa sankasam
Tharakakara Vigraham
Ugrascha Vividhakara
Tham Ketum Pranamamyaham

This sloka if recited 108 times daily can confer longevity & for   tune. This is the moola sloka of Ketu.


The deity of Ketu is MahaMaya. If you propitiate  maternal aspect of the Divine you will get prosperity.

Prominent Persons born under Seven

Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Janab Jinnah Sir Isacc  Newton Charles Dickens.

As your Birth Number is ruled by Ketu you will be gifted with a  high degree of bodily kinnaesthetic intelligence which can be used in in playback singing.

Integral Birth Number - 7

You will have immense devotion for the Divine. You  will have a high sense of humour. You will be innocent. You wont have much domestic stability. You love travel & pleasure. You will  reach a decision only after you think much about it. 

Integral Birth Number - 16

You will not bother thinking about the morrow. You  will face adversity when it comes.You will not show anything in the mind. The sevenians always create problems in society. You believe  in the principle that God helps those who help themselves. You may  inherit legacy. You want to be successful in the worldly sphere.  You will have own home & agricultural land.You will shine in acting and in music.If you select a cordially disposed spouse your marital  life will be crowned with success.The decisions which you take will be appreciated by many.

Integral Birth Number - 25

You will be an extremist believing in the superiority of your perspective and opinions. You give priority to the prosperity of your family. You are basically an altruist. You will  be respected due to the good and meritorious acts which you do for society. You may join the legal profession or be a religious head.