The Birth Number is the sum of the numbers added. For instance if you are born on the 3rd, your Birth Number is 3 and if you are born on the 21st, again it is 3. (2+1 = 3) .



The Effects of Number Nine in Birthdate Numerology 

The Number nine is ruled by Mars. 9 8 27 borns  are all having the number 9 as their birth number. It is the number of materiality or man. 

Extreme mentality & supraordinary practical  approach are all theirs. They do not like anybody who ignore them.  They have to battle against heavy odds always. They will be inveigled by many problems of life. Even then their determination & mental equanimity makes them successful in the practical sphere.

Most of those in the military will have 9 as  their birth number. They begin their journey of life with scars  from critical situations. The prudent do not indulge in physical  battles but indulge in mental battles. They are people who love  liberty & prize liberty above anything else.They do not like advice  & lectures. They do not believe in non-violence & defence always  believing in the principle " Attack is the best form of defence ".  They even fight with friends & wife and children, according to Indian Numerology. Vedic or Indian Numerology differs from Kabalistic or Biblical Numerology. 

These people bow only to love . But women who are  diplomatic can control them easily.

They have immense logic and they do not bother about failures. They have the mental courage to face all adversity. They have the capacity to motivate others.

They earn immense wealth and spend a lot. If  they make a strategic retreat it will not be due to fear or cowardice. Only to gain indomitable strength. They shine in Chemistry  Medicine Astrology and Archery. They help out of their way to help  others.

Body Structure

You are likely to be tall. You will have rotund  shape.Which makes you look short. You will have prominent nose and will have physical strength.


Diseases of the intestines & piles possible.  You have to incorporate onions & garlic. Also green leafy vegetables.It will be better for you if you renounce meat & masalas.  You will shine well if you take oil bath. Avoiding acidic food will  be beneficial. The naturopathic injunction is that one should take  100 gms fruits and 300 gms vegetables daily in order to keep the ratio of acidity and alkalinity to 80:20.

Lucky Days & Weeks

9 18 72 5 14 23 will be highly auspicious. 6 15  24 3 12 21 30 will be favourable. 1 10 19 28 are not bad either.
27 is most auspicious.

Friday Tuesday & Thursday are good generally.  

Birth Number coming in these days of the week generates success.

Lucky Colours

In your sartorial habits you should select the  color which corresponds to your Birth Number. Red is the color
prescribed for you.

In order to tone up your system and to impart  strength such colors are found to be highly beneficial. If you  stay in a room painted with such colors your stay will be marked  by a high degree of satisfaction. You will get good sleep and  rest and when you wake up you will feel a euphoric mood. If you  cannot fit the colors onto your dress you can fit it either in your tie or your kerchief.

Lucky Stones

Mars is represented by Coral.


That Music and Numbers are interrelated has been  established by the Seers. You should select the color which
corresponds to your Birth Number. It will give you inspiration and strength. It will be active in the brain.

Pop music has been recommended for you. It will  give you bliss.

Favourable Direction

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South is the direction of Mars. As your Birth  Number is Nine before you start any activity take four steps
facing southward. When you plan anything or when you take any  important decision pls do so facing the South. Such measures will bestow a high degree of auspiciousness. In your study  room and in your office if you turn your table southward your performance will be above par. In order to increase intelligence and to solve problems such measures are needed.

Prominent Persons born Under Nine

Samuel Johnson Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.


Dharanee Garbha Sambhootam
Vidyut Kantha Samaprabham
Kumaram Shakthi Hastham cha
Mangalam Pranamamyaham

This sloka if recited 108 times daily can confer fortune. This is  the moola sloka of Mars.

As your Birth Number is ruled by Mars you will be gifted with a
high degree of bodily kinnaeasthetic intelligence which can be usedn politics and business.

Integral Birth Number - 9

They can overcome any enmity. They will have  strength & ability for that. They will have noble ideals. You will
have a prosperous life. You will attain immortal fame due to good  deeds. You will have intellectual power.

Integral Birth Number - 18

They will have firm intelligence. They do not  give away anything. They will be selfish & prone to sudden spurts
of anger. Because of this quality they gain a lot of enemies. But  these people will be very diplomatic. They will not be successful
in love affairs.

Integral Birth Number - 27

You will be a pacifist with a calm temparament. You will indulge in a 
cts after thinking about it for hours.Victory will grace them in the end.They will be highly enthusiastic and want to tread with firm steps. You are capable of motivating others, according to Numerology Readings.