All cells within our bodies radiate with energy and many cultures believe that we draw in energy from the universal energy fields. Ancient Hindu culture believed that the chakras were the point at which that energy was drawn into our bodies.

The aura is made up of many layers of energy around our bodies which reflect our state of health or well being. The aura constantly changes as we ourselves change our moods, state of health and our emotions.

The aura consists of 7 layers and each person's aura is unique. The 3 layers closest to the body reflect the physical health and are more readily seen or sensed. The layers furthest way from the body are less dense making it more difficult to see them. Many healers see the aura with their 3rd eye rather than being able to see physically.

The aura can indicate an imbalance before illness or dis-ease occurs, and it can also indicate imbalances relating to physical injuries or old conditions healed years before.

Strengthening and refreshing the aura can be very beneficial and can make us feel more energised~ walking along the beach, drawing in vital oxygen which can cleanse the energy in our auras and chakras.


Spiritual Healing, Ra-Sheeba, Reiki and Crystal Healing can all be used to cleanse and repair the aura.


Strengthen the aura through exercise, healthy eating of fruits and vegetables, (alcohol in moderation), rest and relaxation and drinking plenty of water.


Cleanse the aura through meditation, brushing down with your hands.


Sensing/seeing the aura:

Sit in front of a mirror and have a light single coloured background, focus your eyes to the left or right of your head (look past your head).

Let go of trying to see and soften the focus. Close your eyes, and allow yourself to be open to see. Open your eyes, look again using peripheral vision and notice a change in the air around your frame.

If you cannot see at first, just relax, close your eyes and try again.

You can also practice sensing/seeing the aura with your hands, stand in front of a friend and place your hands a short distance from their body. Start at the head and slowly move your hands down across the shoulders and down towards the feet.


What do you notice? Do the hands get drawn into the body, moved way, do you sense a break in the aura, do you sense colours, emotions?


Colours can be interpreted in various ways, as the aura constantly changes.


Basic guide
(but you must go with what you feel when interpreting the colours).

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Sandy is an intuitive healer, a certified teacher of the Orion/DNA healing, a Ra-Sheeba and Reiki Master. Sandy holds regular workshops on the Gold Coast teaching Orion/DNA, crystal healing

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