Aura Soma Color Therapy 



Aura Soma Color therapy is based on the belief that every living being has an essence filled with beauty and light. Proponents have described it as a ‘non-intrusive self-selective soul therapy’.

All the inner turmoil and the outer imbalances arise and surface when one has lost touch with the inner beauty in oneself. When one has re-established contact with this inner source, the effect on the body and spirit is therapeutic, immediate and dramatic. Aura Soma seeks to bring this inner beauty out and to reflect the positive gifts and talents in a person.

According to Aura Soma, we are quite literally ‘light-beings’. The process seeks to remind us of ourselves through regenerating, revitalizing and re-balancing. Through consultation and application of the ‘language of color’ one is able to discover aspects of oneself that were hitherto undisclosed and misunderstood. By making independent and individual choices from the beautiful color combinations contained within Aura Soma, we are able to discover who we are, why we are here and what our priorities are.

All products within the Aura Soma fulfill a specific purpose to establish balance and wholeness. The Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders and Quintessences used in Aura Soma begin processes that encourage the body’s natural rhythm. Each of the oils fulfills a specific purpose and stimulates the inner intuitive self and this assists us in our journey towards ourselves. In fact, the Equilibrium bottles are the heart and soul of Aura Soma.

The Equilibrium bottles contain two fractions – an oily portion resting over the watery fraction. The oily upper fraction contains the essential oils and crystal energy while the lower watery portion contains herbal extracts and gem elixirs. The plants from which the oils are extracted are cultivated through a method known as bio-dynamic farming.

In Aura Soma, oils are used on the body, although it is believed that it is therapeutic to just look at the oils. The upper and lower portions of the oil are mixed thoroughly to form a temporary emulsion which is then applied on the body. This provides the body with a synergistic balance that stimulates the body’s own sense of inner balance.

By invoking the power of the light without, Aura Soma believes that it will increase the light within. By making us conscious of all the colors within ourselves, we are able to accept ourselves.

There is no standard duration of treatment and therapy usually lasts for as long as necessary. In Aura Soma the patient himself chooses the remedy. Aura Soma is thus the pioneer of color consciousness and leads an exciting way into a new future.


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