10 MUST KNOW Astral Projection symptoms. DON’T attempt  Projection without these! By Abhishek Agarwal 

Remember the story of a drowning man who lost hope because he couldn’t see the land? He stopped swimming…even though the shore was just a mile away! Unfortunately, he didn’t know how close he was!

Most people quit too soon because they don’t see immediate results. But if you know what signposts to expect along the way, you will know that you are right on track.

Hmm…so you have read scores of Astral Projection techniques, tried some of them and still haven’t experienced a conscious Projection? Don’t quit too soon. You may be close…very close!

Below, I have listed some common pre-Astral Projection sensations. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are about the initial sensations associated with out-of-body exploration, the more success you are likely to achieve.

1. Vibrations

Vibrations are probably the most common of all pre-Projection sensations, and you should be fully prepared for it.

You might feel as if a part, or all of your body begins to "vibrate". These vibrations normally start slow and gradually intensify. If you experience this for the first time, you might get startled and feel that your entire body is being electrocuted from head to toe! Although the vibrations can be very intense, they are not physical vibrations because nothing physically vibrates.

Vibrations are a sure-shot indication that you are very close to a successful Astral Projection..

2. Sleep Paralysis / Catalepsy

Sleep Paralysis or Catalepsy is another very common symptom that you might experience during your Astral projection practice.

Sleep Paralysis is a state when you may suddenly find yourself unable to move or speak.
Your physical body will feel so completely "paralyzed" that you simply cannot seem to budge any part of your body at all.

If you don't know what's going on, it can be quite scary. But do not be alarmed when this occurs because this condition is perfectly safe. Astral Paralysis means you are very close to the actual exit.

3. Buzzing And Other Sounds

Most common sounds that you can hear are buzzing; whooshing, rushing, roaring, explosions or bird squawking, a chime being struck, knocking, thumping, voices of people conversing with each other, gunshot, loud bell.

Out of all these, buzzing seems to be a very common pre-Astral Projection symptom and can intensify so much that you feel there are hundred helicopters in your ears!

These sounds are temporary and subside once the separation process is complete.
Recognition of such sounds is an important step because they prove to you that you are on track.

4. Visual Hallucinations

While practicing, you may also see geometric patterns, pulsating colors and lights, specific scenes, visions of paradise or hell or anything imaginable.

5. Rapid Heart Rate

Rapid heartbeat is a very common pre-Projection symptom.

The exact reason for this is unknown. But probably the racing-heart phenomenon is because of the opening up of the heart Chakra. Or maybe it is a side effect of fear or excitement. Either case, you need to remain passive and calm.

6. Breathing Changes

This is an apparent shortness of breath. You need to keep cool and the feeling would soon subside.

7. Movement Sensations

You may experience sensations of dizziness, vertigo, falling or flying up at great speeds, rocking or even swaying. These occur because it is the start of the Astral Projection sequence as the Astral body starts to separate from the physical. A very positive symptom proving that your Astral body has “loosened” from the physical confines!

8. Weight Changes

Changes in feeling of weight can occur.

You may suddenly feel that your body has become very heavy. Or you may feel very light, as if you are weightless.

9. Proportion Changes

You may also feel that your body is changing in proportion. You might have the sensation that you are growing or shrinking in size.

10. Temperature Changes

This is again a very common phenomenon. Your body temperature might drop and you will feel a cool breeze blowing over you.


People are different. Therefore, the sensations you experience will be based on your personality and individuality. The intensity of some of these sensations will vary from person to person.
Each Projection attempt may yield different sensations, in a different sequence.

These were some of the sensations you might come across. There are many more. Just be aware of them so that next time you experience something similar, you know you are on the right track!


Copyright Abhishek Agarwal. Abhishek has had a keen interest in Astral Projection and the Paranormal since the last 12 years. Want to know more about Astral Projection ? Download his exhaustive FREE 167-Page eBook on Astral Projection from his website www.astralprojectnow.com