Rains galore as Sun transits Alpha Orionis !


                   Alpha Orionis or Thiruvathira

Kerala Astrology has a unique method of predicting weather cycles using the apparent solar transits  of the Sidereal Zodiac.
This time Kerala has got plenty of rains and we can hopefully expect a 4.5% agri growth. The ancient astronomers of India used to say that rains will be in plenty during the  solar transit of Alpha Orionis.
( Thiruvathira Thiru Thakriti ).
There are seven major Njattuvelas, in which good rains are expected. They are
Rains will be galore during these transits of the Sun through the constellations of Eta Tauri to Alpha Cancri. These transits occur from the 15th of May to the 15th of August.
There are many sayings in Malayalam which deal with these rain procuring Njattuvelas.
Rains will be incessant during Thiruvathira ( Thiri muriyathe peythu nirayunna Thiruvathira )
You can spit even before Deity during Thiruvathira ( Thiruvathirakku thiru muttathu thuppam )
The waters of Thiruvathira will be gorgeous ( Thiruvathira vellam thiruvonam kande pokoo )

While other solar transits take 13.33 days, this time Thiruvathira is the longest, taking 15 days, as the solar transit of Gemini ( Mithuna) is 32 days.

The ancients believed that it was nectar that rained during Thiruvathira. Every day's rains  have medicinal value. The ancients used to store the Thiruvathira rainwater and use it for Ayurvedic medicines. Maximum rains will be there during this transit and the paddy fields will be overflowing ! " 101 rains, 101 sunlight ", " 7.5 rains, 7,5 sunlight " - Such phrases point out to the 50:50 proportion of rainy and sunny interludes which grace Thiruvathira.
The Njattuvela before Karthika, is good for digging wells. The wells dug during the Karthika Njattuvela ( when the Sun transits the Pleiades ), will be everlasting as their water will not dry up. ( Karthika kalil kakkakalu  nananjal
mukkathil mukkum ).
The seeds planted after Rohini Njattuvela ( Alpha Tauri ) need only little care. ( Rohinikappuram vitha kuruchu mathi ). Meaning you can get the fruits effortlessly.
Heavy rains will lash during the Earth's transit of Lamda Orionis ( Makirythil Mazha Madhichu ).


Fierce rains to be expected during the Sun's tranist of Beta Geminorum ( Punarthathil pulappikkunna mazha ) ( Punartha thadiyan poozhi therippikkum ). ( Punarthathil poozhan keruka ).


Good rains also during the Sun's transit olf Delta Cancri ( Pooyathil pothumpurahtum nellu ). ( Pooyathil mazha peythal pullum nellu ).
Unexpected rains during the Sun's transit of Alpha Cancri ( Ayilya kallan akatho puratho ). The day may look bright and sunny and there will be unexpected downpours catching you unawares.
The Njattuvelas are good if they are born at night. The birth of ten Njattuvelas during daytime is considered to be inauspicious. ( Pathu Njattuvela pirannal palem kuthi erakkum ). If the Monsoon fails, if the Njattuvelas fail, there wil be famine and drought !
The major Four Seasons of the Western System ( spring, summer, autumn and winter ) and the six seasons of the Indian system ( vasanta, greeshma, varsha, sharat, hemanta, sisira ) are caused by the  solar transits of the Constellational Zodiac.  To the seeker of Absolute Truth, the Njattuvelas are more comprehensive and minute and is worth studying, to understand Weather Cycles !