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There are many who suffer from Hyperacidity. The causes are many. Too much intake of acidic foods and stress. There is an emotional center in the brain which stimulates the oxintic cells in the stomach to secrete Hydrochloric acid. So tension and stress are some of the main factors.

The ratio of Alkalinity and Acidity in the body physiologic is 80:20 and when the ratio of acidity is more than 20%, we have the condition of Hyperacidity. Hyperacidity may lead to ulcer and it is time we reduced this threat of ulceration.




It is time we adopted some prophylactic measures to combat this threat. Hyperacidity intially manifests as gas trouble. Antacid tablets can give temporary relief to gas trouble, but then the entire disease can only be overcome if the body is made more alkaline. Increase the alkalinity of the body by taking in alkaline foods. Optimum health is in an alkaline body.
The virus H Pylori thrives in acidic environment. So the first step is reducing acidity in the treatment of ulceration.
If we alter our food habits, we can get relief from hyperacidity. Prevention is better than cure. The body needs both acidic and alkaline foods and we should be careful to preserve the 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity of the body.
The acidity of blood should be 7 PH ( Potential of Hydrogen ). Overacidity  affects the body's systems. adversely. Alkaline reserves are there in the body physiologic and during the condition of hyperacidity, these alkaline reserves will be stolen. This will weaken the body, as reserves of  sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium will be depleted. If this process continues for a long time, our organs will be considerably affected.
So, in order to maintain the 80-20 Alkalinity Acidity balance, we give below a list of acidic and alkaline foods. Pls incorporate more alkaline foods for optimum health. Knowledge is prophylactic and is Power ( Scientia est Potentia ).
Without Health, even Wealth and Wisdom become zero !
Foods which reduce Acidity
Vegetables like garlic, beet root, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, melon, brinjal, mushrooms, onions, pumpkin, spinach, radish etc are food that will reduce hyperacidity.
Fruits like mangoes, papaya, apricot, butterfuruit, dates, cherry, grapes, orange, lime, pineapple, tomato, pumpkins, berries, almond.
Herbal tea, green tea, cardamom, ginger, coconut, lime juice etc. The citric acid present in lime leaves an alkaline ash. Lime is full of vitamins and minerals. Two glasses of Lime juice, along with 12 glass of water intake, is ideal.
Foods which foster Acidity
Sunflower oil, barley, corn, beans, potatoes, bread, chicken, cakes, coffee, eggs, mutton, green peas, soya bean, rice food, fish, sugar, tea, milk, beef, pork, tuna, groundnut, alcoholic beer, wine, soft drinks, noodles, neutrasweet etc.
In vegetables, organic acids along with sodium and potassium will be more. These element increase the alkalinity of the blood. Sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium will increase alkalinity while Sulphur, phosphorus and chlorine will foster acidity.